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Getting rid of a scrap car is a worrisome business. Finding an auto scrapping company is not the problem actually. You’ll find quite a lot of them. However, not all of them will accept your scrap car. Even if they accept it, they charge you a hefty amount for scrap car towing. Paying such a huge amount for a scrap vehicle is definitely not a welcoming move.

Also, leaving a scrap car to rot in the garage is not wise either. So to rescue you from this situation, we are offering an instant price for a scrap car at Newcastle. You can make use of this service to find out junk and scrap car prices instantly. And if you have a scrap car for sale, we will also buy them and pay the full money on the spot.

Amid the uncountable number of car scrappers in Newcastle, Quick Cash Car Removals is the most reliable one. Since the scrap cars’ prices are worth next to nothing, nobody actually gets interested to pay a price for them. We, on the other hand, value such cars despite their worthlessness. We actually pay up to $9999 for the scrappy cars. But the good things don’t actually end there!

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Get Instant Cash for Car, any make, model and age. We will not just remove from your property but also pay a generous amount of money. With us, you can earn all the way up to $9999.

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Scrap Car Prices Australia Instantly

While buying the cars, we pay scrap cars prices instantly on the spot. And while buying such useless and unwanted vehicles, we are not fussy about the brand, age, model, and condition. So if you have an old Toyota Car, wrecked Holden van or an accidental Nissan truck, you can get rid of it through us. Scrap and wrecked car prices vary wreckers after wreckers. But we make sure that you get the best price.

Adding to the niceties, we are also providing free removal for scrap cars in Newcastle. So while getting rid of your unwanted car, you don’t have to pay a hefty sum of money. All the costs involved in the scrap car towing would be upon us. So you have one more thing to cherish.

What Do We Do?

With an exceptional work record of more than a decade in the auto scrapping industry, Quick Cash Car Removals Newcastle is providing the fastest specialized scrap car removal and buying service s to its customers by offering them free and convenient removal facilities. We also offer the highest scrap car prices in Newcastle.

From the removal of an unwanted piece of scrap to taking a previously loved, old vehicle from your hands; from giving you the fastest service known to the industry to paying you top dollar for your damaged cars, we have got you covered for all.

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How we do it?

Our job starts as soon as you call us. First, you need to provide us with all the details of your car like the car’s registration, location, and condition. Our experienced staff begins planning the removal schedule and estimating the price. Within a day, a member of our team will arrive at your desired location in one of our ten, fully equipped tow trucks. We will take away the scrap and hand over the price to you and without asking for any extra removal charges.

What makes us better?

Amongst all the car wreckers in Newcastle, we have been providing the most reliable service of all. With professional expertise at work, we have been maintaining that standard for over a decade now. There are a few other reasons why our services stand out from the competition.

We are Fast

The auto-scrapping industry is one of the biggest and most competitive industries. But we are successfully catching up with the wind as we provide the speediest pick-up services within a few hours of your call or the very next day.

We Pay the Highest Rates

We pay top prices for scrap ranging between $100 -$9999. You cannot find rates better than our scrap car prices in Newcastle and elsewhere.

We Are Specialized

We collect all the makes and models of Japanese cars. Whether your car is new or old, running or rusting, if you want to sell or get rid of it, we are your no.1 choice.


All the work and services offered by Quick Cash Car Removals Newcastle are completely genuine and official. We have a full license for the vehicle towing and removals services.

We are everywhere

The trust of our clients has given us the strength to widen our services. And today we are working across Newcastle and other areas of Sydney, Wollongong, and Central Coast through our vast network of branches.

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