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Hire us for free and convenient old car removal in Perth

If you want to get rid of an old car then Cash Car Removals Perth has got you covered. We offer old car removal in Perth at affordable prices. Now you can free up that space and get the cash to utilize it for some productive purposes.

What we do:

We are providing convenient services for unwanted car removal; we pay top cash for scrap metal. Many people just do not get this trash removed from their house because they think they have to spend money for its removal, but now you do not have to worry because we can help you get a decent amount of money for junk while cleaning up your garages, yards, and driveways.


When you are planning to remove your car, in most cases, you have to pay for any permits or fees before you can take it out. But we do not charge anything for the removal of cars whether they are useable or junk, instead we will pay you money against them. Therefore, you can rely on our free service.

When you contact us to hire our services, our friendly customer care will provide a free quote. If you like our offer, we will send a professional team to your place at a time which is convenient for you. If you need emergency services they will be able to reach your place within four hours.

Why us?

Over the years we have served countless customers to their utmost satisfaction. We have enough towing trucks to simultaneously serve multiple customers at a time; we will be able to do it for you. So whenever you need to remove your vehicle whether they are running or not or whichever make or model, international or domestic, all you need to do is get in touch with us.

When our skilled and experienced experts reach your place, they will remove the vehicle with minimal disruption and no fuss at all. So hire us for old car removal in Perth and get it done without any hassle and in the minimum time possible.

Give us a Line:

So if you want to make your life easy by getting rid of this junk or you want to know more about us then get in touch with our customer service. Call us at. Tel: 0455 887 842 or email us at. Email: habib20204@yahoo.com.

Give us a call today to get paid on 0455 851 877 or email us on  leads@a1expresscarremoval.com.au

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