How to sell?

Instant Cash For Car

STEP 1. Simply give us a call on 0455 851 877. We will find out all the details we need to get your scrap car. Alternatively, use our simple quick quote form on the right (We’ll need info such as the car’s registration, condition, location, etc.) 

STEP 2. We then work out a price. We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, damaged cars, vans, and 4WD′s.

STEP 3. If you find the price reasonable we’ll arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. Once on your premises, we pay you on the spot. No Charges and No Fees.

With Quick Cash Car Removal, you don’t need to worry about the disposal of your vehicle because scrap car removal is all part of the service. Selling your damaged or non-running car has never been easier.

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